Twitter for site promotion

It seems like everybody is using Twitter nowadays, but can it make sense from a business perspective? The answer of course is yes, but only when thought has put been into my best to integrate it into your marketing strategy.

Typically, new business users of twitter add hundreds of people “willy nilly” with the thought in mind that casting their net wide will result in more eyeballs on their site and greater exposure for their product of service. This haphazard approach is severely lacking due to its untargeted nature.

There are a number of services out there with the potential to scan real time tweets, follow users with certain interests and more. This is certainly a more useful way of tracking down the right twitter users, and is a productive use of your time. Check of this link:

These are just a handful of tools to hand get you started in your twitter adventures, and to ensure that you are appropriately targeting those either in, or interested in the niche to which your site relates.  It may well be that certain types of site are more attractive to twitter users than others.