Getting Indexed By Google – and beyond

So you’ve created a killer site, but nobody knows about it. Not an ideal situation I’m sure you’ll agree. Search engines such as google give extra weight to sites and pages that have been indexed for a while, and you’re bound to be sandboxed initially, so do not hesitate in getting your site indexed. There are a number of ways to go about getting indexed:

1) Google Submit

Add your site URL to google submit and it will be crawled at some point in the near future. There is no set time period so it could be week, but “better late than never”.

2) Submit Articles

Some respected sites let you submit useful articles from your site. This is a good way of getting your content indexed by major search engines. It also may gain you a few backlinks if your article is in any way insightful or interesting.

3) Webmaster Forums

A number of forums apply “nofollow” code to all user posted links. This essentially means that google will not follow the URL you post and as a result it will not count as a backlink. Some forums however do not add “nofollow” so if your contribution is valid then itt may well count as a useful link.

Be helpful, be positive, share knowledge and stay on topic.  This way you’ll develop a good reputation and possibly again some useful tips yourself.

4) Blog Directories

If you run a blog there are a few blog directories for you to submit your site to.

5) Optimise robots.txt file

Optimising the robots file will ensure which robots you allow to crawl your site, an which directories if any you do not want to be indexed. I would advise that you create a robots.txt file wih the following code (unless you have special requirements):

User-Agent: *

Allow: /

and place it within your top level directory. This will ensure that all spiders are able to crawl your site without issue. Robots can also be used wihin site meta tags on individual pages



In spreading the word about your site, the quality of your content be in essense be tested. If you’re writing boring articles, or have dead links, then it’s unlikely that you’ll experience much growth as a result of your prmotional efforts. Do not use stolen or duplicate content as google will recognise this and may penalise your site.