Google Trends

Google trends was launched 4 years ago and shows the popularity of searched terms in graph form. Whilst it can be used as a novelty tool it also offers many insights for SEO purposes. It allows you to compare a number of keywords and key phrases for search volumes, which can be useful when deciding what keyword
google trends chart

google trends chart

terms to optimise for. When comparing terms such as “funny stuff”, “funny clips” and “funny videos” it’s possible to see whichs ones are most searched for, and as importantly how popular or unpopular they are becoming.

To further refine a SEO strategy, why not browse through the first 10 or 20 results in google for these terms and try to ascertain the general quality and popularity of these sites. This can be done by checking the page rank, number of backlinks and alexa rating of the site in question. You can also use the google trends for websites to gauge site popularity. If one groups of results for a keyword phrase looks particulalrly weak that they may well be a good angle of attack.

Finally, a SEO advantage can be gained by optimising for terms of the moment, or as google call them “hot trends“. This hot trends page highlights the top 100 searched terms for the last hour.  If you run a blog type site, it’s often worth browsing through the list and working in a word or phrase if it happens to relate something you intend on writing about.