Linkbaiting Thoughts

Drawing visitors to your website isn’t always achieved by simply telling people how wonderful your service/business/website is and hoping for the best. Any promotional strategy requires a degree of dedication and thinking outside of the box. One helpful technique is to predict a trend (before the 2008 US election I was the first one of the first websites to heavily promote a Barack Obama Flash Game on my online games site and I reaped the rewards via the search engine ranking).

Other techniques involve being controversial (that always gets peoples attention), or offering something that’s novel (a top ten list for instance). Occasionally sites offer a service so useful that people feel that they simply must link to it. Depending on the theme of your website and no matter how formal is it, there will always be an opportunity to linkbait in a way that is fun but perfectly on topic. This, in my view, is the very best form of advertising because people feel that they have discovered your service, rather that having it forced upon them. A great example of linkbaiting is premier holidays 5 Insanely Small Inhabited Island article. It takes the theme of the website and adds a fun twist. The result is that thousands of additional visitors interested in the topic at hand visit your site. That can only be good for business. 301 useless facts is another obvious linkbait example. This time it’s off topic, but as the site relates to SEO, it’s a great idea of conveying to clients that you’re able to draw people in through use of such techniques.